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  1. Hello everyone, I know that we have a large SEA audience, we attract people from all over the world. Our project is growing. Many of the SEA players played on Russian servers and it was a problem for us to create a convenient server for SEA players. But now we have decided to launch a separate project for you, I congratulate all players from Asia, this is an important day! We officially announce the beginning of cooperation with @King_OriginalPWSea From now on, this person is responsible for the development of the server in Asia. with the possibility of a Cross-server with our China & Southeast Asia servers. wait for a certain opportunity to start cross server combat, make friendship PK with players in other regions and servers, and increase players' game experience and game playing methods For convenient communication between the administration and the players, the main language of the project is English! Websites are under construction. Website: https://sea.originalpw.com Forum: https://seaforum.originalpw.com Player panel: https://seapanel.originalpw.com
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